Just prior to Christmas, I dragged Blai out for an early dinner after his last day of work of the year on a Saturday and we tried a recent restaurant addition to the Hammersmith area. There aren’t many Vietnamese restaurants in west London and those that exist are a bit hit and miss and a new one opening was certainly not a bad thing.

Things started well with glasses of excellent homemade limeade (£2.85) (nuoc chanh da).

Nuoc Chanh Da

Starters of cha gio (£4.95) (fried spring rolls) and bo la lot (£5.95) (beef wrapped in betel leaves) were both good though there could have a bit more pork in the cha gio filling.

Cha Gio

Bo La Lot

Bun nem nuong (£7.50) included both fried cha gio and grilled pork meatballs and plenty of salad and rice vermicelli. We gave it a good dousing of nuoc cham and tucked in.

Bun Nem Nuong

We also shared a banh xeo (£7.50) filled with pork and seafood. It was huge and perhaps a little on the greasy side but the seafood was juicy and delicious and the whole thing went down a treat.

Banh Xeo

For dessert, a shared che chuoi (£3.50) (a warm, thick, sweet soup of bananas and tapioca cooked in coconut milk). It was incredibly comforting that cold night… and I should learn to make it at home!

Che Chuoi

Fresh and good Vietnamese dishes? It’s definitely a good addition to west London – welcome, Da Nang Kitchen!

Da Nang Kitchen
216 King Street
London W6 0RA

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