There was quite a big response to my previous Spam post that I thought I’d round up some of the different suggestions for Spam that you came up with!

  • The Gastronomer mentioned a loco moco made with Spam, foie gras, hamburger and rice at Animal in Los Angeles. I love this combo of high end and low end – like what the fashion magazines mean when they say to mix designer clothes with Primark!
  • Kat of Our Adventures in Japan suggests frying the slices with soy sauce and sugar first.
  • Ket shares an old family recipe: “one of my mum’s old recipe was to cut the luncheon meat into cubes, fries them till crispy all round and mix in with baked beans and boiled small cubes of potatoes. sprinkle of pepper and/or chilli powder and it’s a yummy dish with or without rice.”
  • The Food Pornographer is also a fan of Spam fried rice and Spam, egg and rice but you really ought to see how she incorporates Spam into her daily bentos. You can see all her Spammy meals here!
  • Liz tells of an eggy Spam bread she had as a child. Sandwich the Spam, dip both sides into beaten egg and then fry – it’s the love child of a Spam sandwich and French toast!
  • travelrat of Travelrat’s Travels lists some particularly exotic offerings: Spam risotto, chili con Spam, Spam rogan josh, Spam kebabs!
  • Helen of Food Stories suggests eating it straight from the tin!
  • Wait, I totally forgot to mention one of my most favourite ways to eat Spam – in a hotpot! How about a spicy Sichuan hotpot or a Korean budae jjigae? I blame the hot weather for making me forget about this great cold weather eating!

I’ve also come across other Spam posts in the blogosphere:

And finally, how could I forget this?