No, this isn’t a blog post about long epistles on the subject of love or poetry or butterflies in one’s stomach or that fluttery feeling in one’s heart. Instead it’s about one final Chinese New Year treat I thought I’d write about: love letters. These wafery biscuits were absolutely my favourite thing to eat as a little girl, no doubt due in part to the rather romantic name. No recipe this time; I bought a big jarful of this glorious Nyonya/Malaysian treat from Wonderful Patisserie on Gerrard Street in Chinatown.

Love Letters

These biscuits, also known as kuih kapit but I’ve always preferred the more amorous name, are paper-thin and crisp and just shatter when you take a bite, flakes flying everywhere. The flavour is toasty biscuit with a coconut milk aroma. They’re so light too and it’s terribly easy to dip your hand into the jar for one and then another and another and another. I’ve seen them presented in two ways, folded into quarters like I bought or rolled into cigars, and I saw both at the shop.

Love Letters and Tea

They were £6.99 for a large tubful of them and the price reflects the work involved in making them (well, kind of – I thought these were quite a bargain!). Each biscuit is made individually using special moulds filled with batter and then cooked over charcoal. When done, and still hot, they’re peeled off the mould and folded or rolled and left to cool and crisp. Making a jarful cannot be an easy task!

I’ve no idea if they’re still available but I highly recommend seeking out these biscuits! They’re delicious with a cup of tea.