Perhaps this recipe from Not Eating Out in NY will finally chase the fear of beetroot out of me. Ugh, overly sweet, blood red root! Also from NEONY is this post on instant ramen, that has me kicking myself – why didn’t I write about that?! Instant noodles don’t have to be overly salty and bad for you; they can be tasty and somewhat nutritious!

White on Rice Couple have got a recipe for making little canape sized banh mi bites. They look so cute for a party – maybe with some summer rolls on the side?

At the beet goes on, Vanessa writes about the Catalan home cooking she was fed in Catalunya. It all looks so delicious.

I can’t stop looking at this post at notes by naive and think, I want a bowl of cream…

And I’ve recently discovered this great blog – dinner with Julie. She’s blogging from Calgary about what she eats for dinner everyday. Very motivational stuff.


I’m hoping to make some pie dough to keep in the freezer for moments when I want some homemade pop tarts. Thanks to Pim for posting the recipe!

Lately I’ve been thinking of noodle soups, the kind with a dark, rich broth and soft meat simmered for hours. And then I come across these two recipes: a lamb noodle soup experiment and another for cinnamon beef noodles.

On the opposite side of the noodle spectrum must be crispy noodles. I’d always thought cooking them involved massive amounts of oil and possibly 2nd degree burns but Wandering Chopsticks shows that it’s quite simple!

It has to be due to the chilly weather that I’m thinking of warm soups and stews. Reading about this chili cookoff over at NEOINY has me craving some homemade chili.

That trip to New York is coming up fast and I’m getting very excited! We’re planning on grazing along the streets of Chinatown.

Finally, all the Vancouver posts are done! Thanks for bearing with me and I promise some “nice food at home in London” posts for the next couple of months (save perhaps one or two posts on a weekend away I have planned in August!). I can only promise a couple of months as I’m going to be in NYC for a week in September! Do you have any recommendations for a first time visitor?

Now onto the web roundup:

Will it be cold in New York in September? I mean, will it be too cold for ice cream sandwiches?

Mark Bittman does it again – 101 simple recipes for picnics!

Robyn over at The Girl Who Ate Everything has a wonderful guide to Parisian patisseries in three parts.

Steamy Kitchen has posted on four different kinds of fried rice, each featuring a different processed meat. I’ll admit here that I have cooked with two of those processed products!

It’s only kind of related to food but this anatomy of a gummy bear over at Serious Eats just cracks me up!

Serious Eats shows us gorgeous ways to bring our lunch to work or to school – the reusable sandwich wrap and the furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth.

The chile lime pistachios over at Cook & Eat look like they’d be great for nibbles before dinner.

The noodles with hot bean sauce at Appetite for China make me crave some saucy noodles! So simple but they look so delectable!

Swirl and Scramble made some beautiful flammekueche that look just fantastic for a light meal in the sun – that is, if the sun ever comes back to London.

Or even more simple is this pizza bianca from Smitten Kitchen. Actually, I think I’ll make a big batch of pizza dough soon and use some of it to make this and freeze the rest.

And very recently, Aidan Brooks has written a good article on the controversial comments by Santiago Santamaria aimed at Ferran Adria.

I’ve managed to do a bit of cooking since I came back from my trip. And now it’s time to try and cover some of that (at least before a few posts from Paris, where Blai and I spent a lovely long weekend!).


One weekend, I made the chocolate almond whirligig buns from the recipe on The Wednesday Chef. So good! And very easy. However, I warn you, they make a huge trayful of buns.

Dal and Rice

This bowl was full of dal for the ill. I came down with a terrible cold after I came back from Chiang Mai and I made this dal from Route79. I wanted something hot and soothing, but definitely not boring, and this fit the bill perfectly. What a great recipe!

The Paupered Chef has written about the food magazines available in North America. I only subscribe to one – Saveur – and lately I’ve been annoyed that I seem not to be getting issues sent over here in the UK… Saveur, send me my magazines!

Kathy Chan (of A Passion for Food) provided a step-by-step guide to making Spam musubi over at Serious Eats.

The Vietnamese roast chicken over at Sunday Nite Dinner looks superb!

So that’s how those caterpillar hot dog buns are made!

I’ve still got Thai food on the brain – this fried egg salad looks refreshing and I reckon it would go well with some stir fried vegetables, some grilled meat (maybe that roasted chicken!) and lots of white rice. Another very Asian way of eating fried eggs is to top them with white pepper and soy sauce. Slurp!

Beanie weenies! The name might conjure up some visual imaginings of nasty tinned beans and mushy mini hot dogs but Homesick Texan has come up with what looks like a fabulous recipe for them.

Appetite for China has a recipe up for lo bak goh, that delicious steamed then fried daikon radish cake.

I’m definitely going to try this recipe for crunchy roasted chickpeas one day!

There’s a deli close to where I work that sells piadina sandwiches, expensive sandwiches though. Cook & Eat share this recipe for piadina that might involve a little work but look so delicious.

MSG explained, by the New York Times. Let’s hear it for MSG!

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