I am absolutely shattered, having given up numerous past weekends and weeknights for a deadline that I just met tonight. My mind is fried (mmm…. fried….) so this is a good opportunity to post something I prepared earlier. Here’s a long overdue look at some of my favourite blog posts around the web recently.

Kitchen Butterfly created beautiful nikuman (that’s the Japanese for steamed pork buns for all of us who don’t speak Japanese) and they look very doable at home!

Michele Humes ate KFC in Thailand. If fast food looked like that here, I’d be eating it pretty often.

Butter dips! Even the name of this treat featured at the kitchn sounds a little unhealthy. They’re an easy biscuit that’s cooked in butter rather than have the butter in the dough.

This is Naive created a beautiful pictorial guide to fast food in Singapore (no, not the fast food above but hawker food). It’s a definite must read guide if you’re heading to Singapore for the first time.

Serious Eats features a recipe for salted butter break-ups by Dorie Greenspan (the cookie queen). I love their simplicity and their uneven shapes please me!

Helen of Food Stories makes scrumptious looking pork cheek tacos with blood orange and chipotle. I’ve gotta make them soon while blood oranges are still in season.

Just Bento wrote a guide to ekiben, those special bentos you only get at Japanese train stations.

Green chile biscuits with chorizo and chipotle gravy? Yes, please! I haven’t made biscuits for ages – need to rectify this.

Anger Burger posts about a DIY Japanese candy sushi kit. The flavour sounds vile but it looks fabulous!

Josh at Cooking the Books made rou jia mo, aka a Chinese hamburger. It’s the one thing I never got a chance to try in China but now I can make it at home.

All Things Chill has a recipe for Taiwanese aubergine in 8 minutes. Quick and easy – I like it.

Lizzie of Hollow Legs made fried pickles. Um, hello? Pickles are fab. Deep fried is fab. I think my head just exploded.

Food Jihad covers an amazing looking Yemeni restaurant in Cairo, long before she had to flee due to the crisis. If you’ve not seen them, her first hand view of what happened in Cairo during the revolution is worth reading.


It’s been a while since I put together one of these posts – I’m just highlighting interesting blog posts that have shown up in my RSS reader. This one shall be extra long!

I wish I could wake up extra early every morning to make a breakfast like these breakfast noodles from Cherry on a Cake. Blai laughs at the thought of this and believes that I will be zombie-like in the morning forevermore. I believe him.

Taiwanese pork belly rice. Oh yes. The recipe can be found at Food Mayhem.

There’s something extremely comforting about this dish of shredded chicken with rice noodles on 3 hungry tummies. Maybe it’s the slipperiness of the noodles or the thickness of the sauce but whatever it is, I want a bowlful of it right now.

I can’t stop thinking of aixxx‘s menchi katsu sandwich (last photo). That looks very doable at home.

ieatishootipost in Singapore made roti prata (roti canai if you’re Malaysian) at home! With all the impressive flipping and everything!

Karen at Ramblingspoon captured this photo of a group of girls at a noodle stand in Laos. I love it; there’s something rather nice about young children eating spicy foods willingly – they’ve not been coddled by their parents and yes, chillies are not something to fear!

Shayma of The Spice Spoon blogged about a recipe for a Kolkata style kati roll. The combination of flaky flat bread and spiced filling is just amazing. If you can’t be bothered to make your own, the ones at the Kati Roll Company in Soho are pretty good too.

Fish sandwiches, made with grilled mackerel, are popular in Istanbul. EatingAsia features this delicious-looking waterside meal.

Grab Your Fork blogs a chicken liver parfait recipe. I never knew it was so easy – I love this rich offally treat.

If you grew up in North America as I did, you may have spent many a childhood summer eating Fudgsicles, those icy, creamy, chocolatey treats. A recipe for homemade fudgsicles appears on Baking Bites!

Milli of Milli’s Kitchen made a snakey-cakey (a swirled and filled filo pastry cake) based on a recipe by Jamie Oliver. It looks fantastic!

Finally, if you’re looking to eat noodles in London, there’s no better guide than Mr NoodlesGolden Noodle Awards 2009-2010!

I haven’t put together one of these posts in a while; here are a few of the recipes I’ve bookmarked in my RSS reader lately.

We’ve been eating a lot of walnuts recently and when I saw this post on walnut pesto on Rachel Eats, I knew I’d have to try it one day.

Boots in the Oven cook a Mark Bittman recipe – caramel fish fillets. And it looks so scrumptious on some white rice.

I do occasionally succumb to the filet o fish sandwich at McDonalds… *guilty look*. But Local Lemons made her own version of this rather tasty sandwich: the slow food filet o fish!

I never would have thought of making my own tater tots but Macheesmo did just that: here are his homemade tots!

Lorna at The Cookbook Chronicles made collard greens with a smoked ham hock gravy. I remember the collard greens I tried in New York – I definitely have to make this one day.

So many recipes, so little time! I wish I could show you my list of bookmarks – it’s longer than the Nile!

I’ve barely had a chance to sit down at my computer and compose a post this week due to some craziness at work. In lieu of a proper post, here’s another long overdue list of my faves from the food blogs recently.

The Homesick Texan provides a recipe for bacon jam. I’ll let that sink in: bacon……..jam.

It’s aubergine season and I’ve been bookmarking loads of recipes for these gorgeous silky vegetables. mmm-yoso!!! have recreated a spicy steamed eggplant dish with sizzling soy sauce they had at a restaurant. And it looks good!

From Lekker lekker lekkerste, there’s a recipe for spaghetti with butter crab sauce. This fusion dish is based on Malaysian butter crab; the ingredient list is simple but it sounds totally scrumptious.

I want to eat at Spring the next time I’m in Paris! I know the lobster sandwich isn’t available all year round but something tells me that the menu is always good here.

This rainbow of quickie pickles at Kitchen Scraps is pretty inspiring. As a big pickle fan, they’re like jars of jewels to me.

SheSimmers fries up perfectly spherical Thai sweet potato balls. These look like a great snack.

I feel like diving into this bowl of ham and lentil soup over at Closet Cooking.

As I’m never without a packet of Chinese sausage in the fridge (I would encourage everyone to do this as it keeps forever in there), I’ve bookmarked a recipe for a Thai-style sausage salad over at EatingAsia.

Why haven’t I watched the latest Star Trek film yet?! I was a huge Trekkie when I was still in school. Of course, it should follow that I read the Serious Eats Primer to Star Trek Food and Drink with my full attention.

I made this curried cauliflower and chickpea stew that I saw at bitchincamero. It was comforting but a bit dull the first day but after a night’s rest in the fridge, the flavours of the leftovers improved greatly.

Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

Almost all Asian food links today! And one Quizno’s commercial.

This is just about the weirdest commercial for soy sauce I’ve ever seen. Via Serious Eats.

Umami‘s fragrant noodles recipe is a dead ringer for all the konlo mee I ate growing up – basically dry noodles tossed with lots of aromatics and seasonings.

I cannot stop staring at this banh mi so (Vietnamese meatball sandwich) over at Scanwiches. That’s my usual order at the Vietnamese sandwich place back in Vancouver.

Check out these innovative gyoza made with daikon wrappers over at Obachan’s Kitchen & Balcony Garden!

The Lay Gastronomer blogs about a sweet potato dish encountered in China – look at the stands of sugar!

Finally, that Quizno’s commercial – being in the UK these past 10 years or so, I never encountered this Spongmonkey’s ad. Fantastic. Again via Serious Eats.

Vancouver Magazine has a list of 101 Things to Eat (in Vancouver) Before You Die – a few of these I’ve tried but it looks like I’ll have a number of things to eat on my next trip back.

Inside a frozen pizza factory with the BBC is a video that I adored! Who knew the pepperoni was freshly sliced?

Sunflower’s Food Galore
has posted a very useful list of Chinese ingredients – not all of them are essential but it’s a good guide.

This spicy popcorn recipe from Taste Buddies looks just right for a winter snack.

And finally, a few weeks ago, I attended a talk by Ferran Adrià at the Queen Elizabeth Hall here in London. I thought the talk was brilliant and the man himself modest and so passionate about his work. There are a few roundups around the web: Silverbrow and his Night with Ferran Adrià, Chris from Cheese and Biscuits with his take on the evening, and Niamh from Eat Like a Girl with hers too. I do hope that I’ll get the chance to eat at El Bulli one day!

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