After many many years in West London (Acton), we’ve now moved to South London (Croydon). It’s quite a change but transport in this area is pretty good and we can both get to work quite easily from here. Anyway, I thought I’d do a round up of our favourite places to eat in Acton – some I’ve blogged before and some I never got around to blogging. I do miss them all but I’m also quite excited about trying all the places in our new neighbourhood.

Pinto Thai – Ah, one of our favourites. In addition to their usual a la carte menu, they also offer an excellent lunch deal, as shown below in the first photo.

A last lunch in Acton at Pinto Thai. Pad kra pao made with minced beef. Hot hot hot!

Thai dinner

Fried Sea Bass

Pinto Thai Kitchen
46 High Street
London W3 6LG

Pinto Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

L’Oriental – I never blogged about this one and I’m not entirely sure why. This tiny Lebanese place has been on Churchfield Road for years and the local community association holds their dinners and quizzes in their basement. Their food is great and I only recently discovered their excellent lunch deals.

Today is all about cleaning our old flat... And that requires fortification in the form of Lebanese chicken kebab and chips and salad.

Lebanese Takeaway

94 Churchfield Road
London W3 6DH

L'Oriental on Urbanspoon

Woody Grill – Again, another one never blogged. I like the Turkish dishes they usually have in hot water baths on display and their kebabs are pretty tasty too. Why don’t I have any photos of the food?!

Woody Grill
187-189 High Street
London W3 9DJ

Woody Grill Acton on Urbanspoon

Persian Nights – This one I did blog! I love this restaurant and its party atmosphere on a Saturday night!

Khoresht-e fesenjan - Persian walnut and pomegranate stew with chicken

Kabob koobideh with freshly baked nan

Persian Nights
379 Uxbridge Road
London W3 9SA

Persian Nights Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sanabel Lebanese Bakery – This is a little Lebanese bakery and cafe in between Acton and Ealing Common and I loved their freshly baked manakeesh with zataar or spiced lamb. Their falafel was pretty good too as were their whole grilled chickens.

Falafel at the local Lebanese bakery

Picked up dinner at our local Lebanese bakery and these had just come out of the oven

Sanabel Lebanese Bakery
387 Uxbridge Road
London W3 9SA

Laveli Bakery – This one’s down Churchfield Road and is right by Acton Central overground station. It was the second branch of a bakery that originally opened on Askew Road near Shepherds Bush and it was the first proper bakery in the Acton area. We went there often for their excellent breads and pastries.

Breakfast at Laveli.


Laveli Bakery
5 Churchfield Road
London W3 6BH

Frank’s Cafe – This is our go-to cafe for fry ups. I usually order one of their gigantic omelettes – mushroom and cheese for me! One of those will set you up for the day.

Omelette and Fry Up

Frank’s Cafe
128 Churchfield Road
London W3 6PJ

Ciambella – This Italian cafe and restaurant just opened a few weeks before we moved out of the area but we just managed to squeeze in a light dinner there, splitting one of their excellent thin crusted pizzas. Their homemade desserts are also excellent! Again, no photos.

257 High Street
London W3 9BY

CJ’s Cafe – Another never blogged. By day, they serve fry ups and some rice and noodle dishes. By night, they have a full Thai and Malaysian menus. I really like their nasi goreng and mee goreng.

A day of packing is fueled by mee goreng at a local cafe

CJ’s Cafe
15 The Vale
London W3 7SH

C J's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Not far from where we used to live in Acton is Ealing Common and we had a few favourites there too.

Kiraku – Ah, another favourite. The best time to eat there is lunch as their lunch menu is more affordable and full of great sets.

My half udon, half maguro yamakake don lunch set at Kiraku

The husband's yakiniku lunch set this afternoon at Kiraku

Dragon Roll

8 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
Ealing Common
London W5 3LD

Kiraku on Urbanspoon

Atari-Ya – This Atari-Ya is on the site of the old Sushi Hiro. Their sushi is still excellent.

It's too hot to cook - sushi time!

There’s also an Atari-Ya shop at West Acton.

1 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road, Ealing
London W5 3LD

Atari-Ya on Urbanspoon

Mugi – This little Serbian cafe sells delicious boreks, which we often bought for takeaway. Their spit roast pork and cevapi were also excellent.


Spit Roast Pork

Cevapi and Chips

15 Station Parade
Uxbridge Rd
London W5 3LD

Mugi on Urbanspoon

Duri – I don’t seem to have many photos of food we’ve bought from Duri, a little Korean shop in Ealing Common. Here’s a Korean Pear that we tried; it was ridiculously sweet and juicy. They have a couple of tables for you to eat their bibimbaps or jjigaes that they serve hot in the shop.

Korean Pear

9 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
London W5 3LD

Natural Natural – This isn’t actually a cafe or restaurant but a Japanese food shop with a great selection of ready made meals in their fridge. I like their bentos; the Japanese kids with their pocket money like the skewers of karaage and croquettes.

Chicken Karaage Bento

Natural Natural
20 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
Ealing Common
W5 3LD

Yo Yo Kitchen – This one’s not in Ealing Common exactly but a little further north at West Acton. It’s a little Japanese deli with bentos and sushi and other bits and pieces and it’s extremely popular with local Japanese families and the schoolchildren from the local Japanese school.

Yo Yo Kitchen
4 Station Parade
Noel Road
London W3 0DS

Yoyo Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but I hope I haven’t! Do let me know if there’s anything I should add to this list!