Our journey through France and Catalonia was all via train and while yes, it’s certainly a slower way to get around, there’s still something quite romantic about travelling by train. As a bonus, I don’t suffer from as much motion sickness on the train and hence I’m able to read and stare out the window and also eat…. because I love train picnics! I love shopping for train picnics. These tend to come from supermarkets only because I’m never prepared enough to organise one from foodstuffs obtained from a proper market.

Our 5.5 hour TGV ride from Paris to Toulouse was on a Sunday so it was a rush in the morning to obtain our supplies before the supermarkets closed (at about 1pm). With a couple of plastic forks and knives obtained from a fast food chain, we dined like kings on a baguette, pate, cheese, nuts, tomatoes. Not pictured below, the rest of the tomatoes, crisps, rice crackers and plums. A bit of everything makes it feel more balanced and doesn’t it look much better than a sad train sandwich?

Train Picnic

Our next train picnic occurred only days later. We took two trains to get from Toulouse to Barcelona, changing at Latour de Carol/La Tor de Querol. It’s not a proper train picnic per se but a train station picnic. We picked up supplies at the small town’s only supermarket (about a 10 minute walk from the station) and then picnicked on a bench while waiting for the Rodalies train that would take us to Barcelona. This turned out to be the right thing to do as the tiny shop at the station only had a supply of cold sandwiches and it closed for lunch soon after we arrived!

Train Station Picnic

Similar stuff in this picnic – I like to think of them as the basics of a French picnic! The baguette was one of the better ones we had on that trip, and that pate de campagne, and that cheese!

What do you like to bring to eat on long train journeys?