Despite being on their Brewer Street site for a year already, I’d not heard of Janetira until they suddenly appeared everywhere on social media promoting their new ‘super Thai’ menu (or at least it was sudden to me). Curiosity had me visit the first time and that delicious meal had me go revisit twice more within a week!

It turned out that ‘super Thai’ was indeed super Thai, dishes that aren’t typically found in London. Over half the menu is dedicated to one dish meals. One such one dish meal is Tom yum seafood fried rice (£10) and when I saw that, I knew I had to have it. I’ve definitely not seen it elsewhere in the city and it’s terribly moreish – all the flavours of tom yum soup (and the seafood) all in fried rice. The seafood in it – prawn, squid and a good sized scallop – was all impressively fresh.

Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice

Tamarind Eggs (£6.00?) or Son in Law Eggs were deep-fried hard-boiled eggs with a sweet and tangy sauce on top. I love the texture you get when deep frying hard boiled eggs though I cannot think of another cuisine that does this. Good stuff.

Son in Law Eggs

Their Pad Thai (£8.50) had a good number of large prawns scattered throughout and was delicious and well balanced in flavours. Interestingly, there’s an option to have this with glass noodles instead of the more usual flat rice noodles; I wonder how they’ll fare in this dish.

Pad Thai

On my second visit, we started by first splitting an excellent and not too spicy Prawn tom yum soup (£6.50)…

Prawn Tom Yum

… followed by bowls of Khao soi (£8.50), the Northern Thai curried noodle dish that I so terribly miss. It’s a good version here – lots of rich coconut milk resulting in a mild, creamy curry sauce, lots of noodles both boiled and fried for contrast, and lots of dark chicken meat. Squeeze in that lime and add plenty of pickled cabbage and raw red onion to balance out all that creaminess and you see that dark little dish of chilli oil just peeping out behind the bowl? Hot hot hot – gosh, it’s delicious stuff but do be cautious with it!

Khao Soi and its Trimmings

On our third visit, I had their Raad naa (£7), a simple dish of rice noodles, pork and vegetables in a yellow bean sauce. It was a most comforting bowl to slurp up with condiments (the usual Thai set of four) to add to your taste. I love Thai condiments and their condiment holders – if I recall correctly, here there was sugar, fish sauce, chilli powder and pickled chilli. Maybe there was chilli oil.  It’s a simple dish but one done well here.

Raad Na

Their new menu is indeed a good one and I think Janetira’s strength is in all those one-dish meals well that few Thai restaurants in London tackle. There are also regular dishes to have with rice but I prefer those one-dish meals when there’s just the two of us.

Janetira Eat Thai
28 Brewer St
London  W1F 0SR

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