A new Diner opened on Gloucester Road recently and having heard good things about it, we popped over for lunch one weekday when we had an opportunity. Their menu is large and sprawling and it took us a while to decide to have a barbecue chicken sandwich, an Coney Island hot dog and split an order of Diner skinny fries.

After we completed our order, we were suddenly subjected to a hard sell:

Would you like some guacamole and fried onions on your chicken burger? That’s the way I have it and it’s so much better like that.

And you ma’am, would you like some guacamole on top of your hot dog?

How about some sour cream on the side to dip your French fries?

It left a bad taste in our mouth. After this assault on ordering, we were pretty much ignored the rest of the meal, which, surprise surprise, took forever to arrive. I also had tap water spilled on me and apart from the waiter apologising (sheesh, say it like you mean it), he made no attempt to help clean up all the spill.

The food wasn’t too bad. While not everything is as it would be in North America, it certainly scratches any itch you might have for that cuisine.

My friend’s BBQ chicken burger was fine if a little on the small side.

BBQ Chicken Burger

My Coney Island dog was large and topped with lots of chile con carne (with beans…it should be without), yellow mustard and onions.

Coney Island Dog

The Skinny Diner Fries with their cajun seasoning were excellent and no, they didn’t require any sour cream on the side.

Skinny Diner Fries

We also split a Warm Chocolate and Peanut Cookie, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Butterscotch Sauce. Nothing warm about that cookie though…. the peanut butter ice cream refused to soften while sitting on top of it!

Warm Chocolate and Peanut Cookie, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Butterscotch Sauce

Half the items on the menu come in these irritating baskets that are just too small. One businessman at the table next to us asked, Does it come in one of those baskets?. When the reply came in the affirmative, he continued, Can I have my lunch on a proper big plate instead? That’s what I’ll do next time! Well, if there’s a next time; I’m still reeling from the rubbish service. Have you been to any of the other Diners in London? How was your meal?

The Diner
105 Gloucester Rd
London SW7 5RB

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