It was about 4pm Thursday afternoon when we landed in Naples and 5pm when we dropped off our bags and went out in search of pizza. We needed to eat and fortify ourselves as my friend and I were soon off on a stag night and hen night, respectively (egads). My copy of Saveur featuring pizza in Naples had a good list of places in the old town and the hotel receptionist was adamant that the best on the list and the best in Naples was at Michele. So, to Michele we went.

The tiny restaurant was still empty when we arrived (just shy of 6pm) but started filling very quickly after we sat down.

Da Michele

A wood burning oven was sitting in the corner but we barely felt the heat from it (was there air conditioning?). A few pizzaioli were moving swiftly about, preparing the pizzas, slipping them into the oven and then whisking them out, all hot and steaming.

Wood Burning Oven

I love their very minimal menu. Two kinds of pizza (margherita and marinara), a few size options, a double mozzarella option and drinks – that’s it! We both had drinks and normal margherita pizzas.


Our pizzas arrived very quickly.


Mine was a thing of beauty. The crust was beautifully blistered from the intense heat of the oven and was amazingly tender yet chewy. Oh, it was delicious. How delicious it was.

Pizza Margherita

And I couldn’t get over how delicious the tomato sauce was; I can see now the point of a marinara pizza. While the cheese was excellent, I could see how it’s not always necessary!

Was it the best pizza in Naples? I have no idea as I’d need to try them all but I know that this was the best pizza I’d ever had (possibly). Highly recommended if you’re in Naples. A queue was already forming when we left so get in there early to get a table immediately.

Oh, and the hen night? Yeah, I survived (and even fit in a second pizza that night!).

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1-3
80139 Naples