More Sri Lankan food and this time in North West London. Ealing Road in Wembley to be exact. This is Gana, a tiny little place near the top end of Ealing Road and we appeared to be the only non-Sri Lankans there that Sunday lunchtime. It seems quite popular with the locals and was quite busy that afternoon. The menu is a mix of a la carte and cheap lunch sets.

A Mutton kotthu roti came piled high in a deceivingly small bowl. We only managed to get through less than half of it – how compactly it was squashed in there. Here, chopped roti had been fried together with a mutton curry and the mixture was entirely moreish. When we had the leftovers packed up to take home, it filled a whole conventional plastic takeaway box! It was a massive  portion!

Mutton Kotthu Roti

A string hoppers set meal with fish curry was a plate of 10 string hoppers accompanied by a bowl of fish curry and three vegetable preparations: a delicious dal, a spiced cabbage dish and an excellent (to my surprise!) spiced beetroot dish. Beetroot! One of my most hated vegetables and I actually very much liked this dish. You don’t get a choice of vegetables with the set meal though – you take what they give you.

Fish Curry and Three Veg

String Hoppers

The fish curry was delicious! It reminded me very much of a Malaysian fish curry, if you’re familiar with that. Loved it.

We also ended up ordering a veechu roti on top of everything else after seeing a couple devour a few with their curries. This thin, flaky bad was very similar to the Malaysian roti canai and was utterly gorgeous when dipped in that fish curry. Well, utterly gorgeous by itself as well.

Veechu Roti

The bill with drinks came to around £17 if I remember correctly. Not bad for enough food for three. I need to go back and introduce Blai to hoppers – again, we watched as a man at a neighbouring table wolf down a set meal and then continue on with a few hoppers. They looked incredible!

Gana Cafe & Restaurant
24 Ealing Rd
Wembley, Middlesex