I had to share this! There’s this chicken curry bread that hails from the town of Kampar in Perak, Malaysia (a town which is quite well known for its food). It is a massive loaf of bread baked with a chicken curry centre; at the table, it’s opened up with great ceremony. Tasty as they are, banish thoughts of those miniature chicken curry buns you get at Hong Kong style bakeries  – the Malaysian style curry inside this behemoth is wrapped in paper first to retain all the gravy in the middle. I’ve never tried the original but the thought of it stuck in my head for so long that I had to recreate it at home.

With My Hand for Scale

For the bread, I used a recipe for a Basic Sweet Bread Dough from a book called Magic Bread by Alex Goh (though be prepared if you’re going to use it – it requires starting with a scalded dough that needs resting overnight). The recipe at that link gave me enough bread to create the massive wrap for my curry as well as a bit extra to form 6 buns.


I filled it with my usual chicken curry recipe (which I wasn’t entirely happy with this time…I was trying to reduce the amount of coconut milk in it so no sharing this time!) but any curry recipe will do. I used lots of greaseproof paper to wrap the curry (about 3 chicken legs, 2 thighs, some potato chunks and plenty of curry gravy) but in hindsight, some aluminium foil would have performed better to contain all that curry.

The bread dough was flattened to cover my entire baking sheet, the curry parcel was carefully placed in the middle and the dough sheet wrapped around it. A few pinches here and there to seal and it was left to rise before getting a shiny egg yolk glaze and a baking in the oven for about 25 minutes.


It is certainly an impressive thing to bring to the table! Slice up the top layer of bread…

Cut Up

…and unwrap the paper wrapped curry inside.

Reveal the Curry

We tore into the bread like savages, dipping into the curry, grabbing chicken legs, getting curry everywhere. The bread recipe is brilliant – it produces a tender, sweet crumb not unlike that you find at Hong Kong style bakeries (I’ll be using the recipe again for another go at hot dog buns) which perfectly complements the spicy, creamy, coconutty curry. We stuffed ourselves silly.

Next steps for this? Improvement in a couple of areas. My curry recipe needs tweaking. I need to ensure that the layer of bread on top of the package doesn’t get too thin. I should also place it on the lower rack of my oven though this varies from oven to oven. But really, it’s all just another excuse to make this insane creation again!