Why has it taken a trip to Greece to finally have me start making this at home? I was always under the impression that Greek salads (horiatiki – country salad in Greek) were particularly boring but now that I’ve fallen in love with feta cheese, nothing could be further from the truth. I love them and the variety of fresh vegetables making it up and how each bite is always different. I’m still eating these in London, clutching onto these last few days of summer.

Greek Salad

Cut up tomatoes, a peeled and seeded cucumbers, a green pepper, some red onion (I soaked my thin slices in some salted cold water to make them milder) and toss them together into a bowl with a little salt. Scatter on some olives and some capers if you have them. I used the opportunity to try some caper leaves that I bought in Greece – they’re delicious (well, if you like capers).

Caper Leaves

Top with a nice slice of feta cheese. Sprinkle over some dried oregano and then pour over a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. I don’t need any extra acid but if you do, squeeze over a little lemon or add some vinegar.