I’ve been very reliant on a certain German to see me through after nights out in the centre. Herman ze German is located near Trafalgar Square and is very convenient if you’re travelling from Charing Cross or Embankment stations. They open till late…and the exact time seems to depend on the night and how many people show up.

I like their simple menu featuring only three types of sausages – Bratwurst (pork and veal), Bockwurst (smokey pork) and Chilli beef (spicy beef and pork). That said, I would love them more if they also served a Käsekrainer but I think that’s really Austrian. They also have meatballs but I’ve never visited when they had them available.


That’s a plain currywurst above. While I do like their sausages as is, in a bun with mustard/ketchup and crispy fried onions, their currywurst has to be my favourite. The curry sauce that comes slathered on top of the cut-up sausage comes in three levels of heat: mild, hot, and burner, but from what I could tell, I think there’s just one curry sauce and then varying amounts of a chilli powder sprinkle.

This is my usual order though – a currywurst with fries (it’s a little over a fiver altogether).

Currywurst with Fries

I have no idea how they make fries that are cooked with no oil. They don’t have the same texture as fried fries but you do feel less guilty eating these. Very addictive too when dipped in that curry sauce and do try to get them to sprinkle those crispy fried onions on top if you can.

Herman ze German
19 Villiers Street
London WC2N 6NE

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