A last-minute meeting (and a long one to boot) in the middle of the day scuppered our plans for a jolly of a day: it was the day after meeting a big deadline and we were in the mood to celebrate. It was mid afternoon when we got out but all was not lost. Our close proximity to Edgware Road had us skipping down the road to Patogh for a late lunch of Persian kebabs. I’ve been a big fan of Patogh but hadn’t been back in a while; luckily, nothing seems to have changed about it. It’s still dark and tiny with a smokey ground floor with its open kitchen and a less smokey first floor and we chose to sit in the latter.

The portions have also remained large, as they were before, and we skipped starters and went straight for the mains. An order of kebab koobideh with bread (£6) resulted in this being brought to the table. Two tender minced lamb kebabs lay nestled in a large flatbread all topped with a small onion and herb garden. Try as we might, we couldn’t finish the huge circle of fresh bread between us.

Kebab Koobideh on Bread

A barg kebab (lamb and about £8, I think) was ordered with rice. The lamb was excellent but to me, it was the rice that was the star. Light and fluffy and each grain was perfectly separated and it was wonderful to eat with the hot grilled tomatoes. The only thing missing was a big pat of butter on top though perhaps we should have asked for it.

Lamb Kebab with Rice

With a mint yogurt drink (doogh) and some shallot yogurt for bread dipping, the total for the two of us came to £16.50 – what a bargain. If lamb’s not your cup of tea, they have chicken kebabs too; I also have a soft spot for their grilled chicken wings.

8 Crawford Place
(off Edgware Road)
London W1H 5NE

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