We had a little date night late in January that had us stumbling into Dean Street Townhouse without a reservation. No problem, the big restaurant had plenty of space that Sunday night and we quickly settled into a cozy candle-lit table. I liked the look of the dining room and the long bar along one side of the room and on top of that, it wasn’t very noisy inside. Perfect.

A Pressed rabbit & guinea fowl with piccalilli (£8.00) was split between us to start. It was a well made though unspectacular terrine and I wished that the piccalilli served with it hadn’t been almost pureed in texture. I like chunks in my pickles.

Pressed Rabbit & Guinea Fowl with Piccalilli

For my main course, I went with the Smoked haddock fish cake with spinach (£14.00). It was a generously portioned delicious fish cake (which I’d hope for for the price!) and it came on top of a bed of spinach and swimming in a sea of beurre blanc.

Smoked Haddock Fish Cake with Haddock

Blai had the Fish and chips with mushy peas (£16.00) – he loves fish and chips and found no fault with this. I thought the tartar sauce was the real star; it was excellent. The type of fish used has escaped my memory.

Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

Desserts took an age after we ordered but arrived with an explanation about a problem with plumbing that was shutting the kitchen. Indeed, these were just about the last food items to come out with people now being turned away at the door.

My Spotted dick with custard (£6.50) was a good, properly steamed specimen but I struggled to finish the heavy dessert.

Spotted Dick with Custard

Blai’s Peanut, chocolate & malt coupe (£6.50) was much more exciting and really, it would have made sense for us to share the one dessert. I suppose the reason why I couldn’t finish my pudding was because I was greedily spooning up most of Blai’s. The malt ice cream could have been maltier and the chocolate-caramel sauce could have been more chocolatey but altogether it worked and was like a giant Snickers ice cream sundae.

Peanut, Chocolate and Malt Coupe

Our dinner was certainly fine but there comes the issue of value for money. The prices for this kind of British comfort food were a little on the steep side: £16 for regular fish and chips is certainly overpriced. I suppose one has to pay for their central London location and from what I understand, it’s a place to be seen, but it still makes me uncomfortable to pay this much for this kind of food. The setting was lovely though so thumbs up for that.

Dean Street Townhouse
69 – 71 Dean Street
London W1D 3SE

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