This post finally brings my Hong Kong series to a close! Here’s a mishmash of all my other favourite food things I ate and came across while on holiday.

My first night in Hong Kong and M and S took me to a Sichuan barbecue place near their flat. It was a great start to the trip with our ordering a huge spread of lots of barbecued goodies – most topped with lots of chilli powder and a few grilled with garlic butter and cheese.

The Spread

The egg tarts (dan tat) at Tai Cheong Bakery in Central are famous and rightly so. I loved the shortcrust pastry and rich, eggy filling.

A Tai Cheong Egg Tart

Not something I tried but look! Fresh straw mushrooms! I’d only ever seen them canned.

Fresh Straw Mushrooms

One day, we lunched at Hay Hay Kitchen in Wan Chai, one of M’s favourite places for Cantonese roast meats. We had some incredibly soft and crisp skinned roast suckling pig, …

Suckling Pig

… impossibly delicious char siu, …

Char Siu

… and finally, a lean yet tender siu yoke (roast pork) with excellent crackling. Reviews do seem to indicate that Hay Hay Kitchen can be a bit inconsistent but luckily for us, it was all good that day.

Siu Yoke

Again, not something I ate but I saw this ad for a banana ice cream that had a jelly skin that you could peel!

Banana Ice Cream

This was seen at the flower market in Mongkok – a Ferrero Rocher bouquet. I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these.

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet!

One lazy night, we headed to the closeby shopping mall, Elements at Kowloon, and queued at Dondonya for a table at this Japanese restaurant. My tonkatsu set dinner really hit the spot that night – how can I say no to a crispy pork cutlet?

Tonkatsu Set Dinner

Westfield, I’m looking at you. You need restaurants like this.

Finally, this was at a dessert shop in Tin Hau called Auntie Sweet, recommended to me by a former colleague.

Ah Wong Mango Iced Rice Ball

My Ah Wong Mango Iced Rice Ball was a bowlful of mango puree, chunks of mango, chunks of nata de coco and these sticky rice dumplings filled with mango, all topped with pomelo bits. It was mango madness.

Mango Filled Dumplings

Seriously though, why didn’t I go to Hong Kong before this?! What a fabulous city for eating and I can’t recommend it more. All of my Hong Kong photos (that’s the rest of the food and all the other things I saw) can be found in this Flickr photoset.