Visit Wales, the official Wales tourist board, have started a new campaign to attract visitors to Wales for a proper holiday: Wales Wants You. They’ve connected with Tamarind and Thyme to highlight some of the best of Welsh food. Our first trip as a married couple (kind of a mini honeymoon) was in Llanberis in Snowdonia and we both remember that trip quite fondly for the beautiful location, friendly people and good food… so yes, I have a soft spot for the country.

I cannot claim to be an expert in Welsh food but I remember being very taken with their bara brith, a sweet fruit bread, and their Welsh cakes, currant-studded flat cakes cooked on a bakestone (like a hot plate). And who can turn down a Welsh rarebit?! There’s lots I’ve not explored of Welsh cuisine though: I’d love to try Glamorgan sausages (made of cheese and leek) or a proper cawl (meaning soup but refers to what we think of as stew) and I am greatly intrigued by laverbread (seaweed!). And then there’s the meats and cheeses that I need to investigate too. There’s lots of information about Welsh food on their website too.

A large part of their new campaign is Piers Bramhall and his need for a proper holiday and I’ll leave it to this video to introduce all this to you:

I love that choir! People and sites all up and down Wales have been inviting Piers to their neck of the woods to see the real Wales. From what I gather, he and his girlfriend are starting their trip on Sept 5 – I’m keen to see where they’ll be eating!

I’ve been asked to make a pledge too – to recommend one place in Wales. As I’ve only been once (that short honeymoon that we absolutely loved), I have only a few places from which to choose. Well, I chose Pete’s Eats, the best caff in Llanberis. It was the friendliness of their waitresses and their pint mugs of tea and their fabulous chips that won me over.

And now for the competition – there are two prizes to be won!

Visit Wales have offered quite an exciting prize to one of my readers: a weekend away in Cardiff (September 10-11). The winner and a friend will travel by train to Cardiff on Sept 10, stay overnight at what I’ve been told will be a very nice hotel and will attend a Welsh banquet at Cardiff Castle on the afternoon of Sept 11, returning home that night. This banquet is a celebration of Wales with a host of Welsh chefs and food experts on hand to talk you through the menu. It’s also the grand finale of Pier’s trip and promises to be something quite special. I was to have attended the banquet too but, alas, I am out of the country that weekend.

The weekend away prize is only open to readers in the UK; however, there’s also another prize available to everyone including international readers – a hamper of goodies from Wales! Specifically, it’s this hamper, filled with treats to put together your own Welsh picnic (ooh, there are Welsh cakes in there – did I mention that those are delicious?).

To enter, please leave a comment letting us know a great restaurant you visited in Wales, a Welsh recipe you can share, a Welsh food product you love… or if you’ve not been to Wales or are unfamiliar with Welsh cuisine, let us know your impression of Welsh food or a Welsh food or dish that you’d love to try. We want to learn from you and hear what you think. The best answers will be chosen by us to win.

Please state where you are based so that you’re entered into the correct competition (or if you’d like to be considered for the hamper only if you cannot make the weekend) and ensure that your email address is valid – I and Visit Wales will contact the winners by email to let them know they’ve won and to arrange the trip and the posting of the hamper. The competition will close at 23:59 on Thursday, September 1 and I will announce the winners on the blog shortly after.

Do check out their main campaign page on Facebook too. There will be links to their other partners involved in climbing, cycling, music, art, eco and travel, all highlighting the best of Wales.