Ok, this is the final Vienna post! I wanted to try Trzesniewski, a little sandwich shop that Charmaine had written about, and the only opportunity we could find was on Monday morning. We went to their original shop on Dorotheergasse (on the same street as Café Hawelka) and at first thought it might be closed as their imposing doors appeared to be firmly shut. A quick glance at the opening hours stated that it should have been open – we tried the door and well…yeah, it was open. I blame it on the lack of windows!


Sandwich shop doesn’t describe them well; they sell delicate little open face sandwiches and upon entry, we were immediately before a long glass display of them – so many from which to choose! If it’s one thing I’ll remember about Vienna, it’s the seemingly endless choice one is confronted with in the cafes. They very helpfully have a list of their sandwiches all translated in English at the end of the counter….and I only noticed it after I’d ordered, meaning that I’d had to work everything out in German. I now know that Zwiebel is onion.


We selected a few to share as a small snack (each open faced sandwich is €1.10) along with a couple of tiny juices. Tiny they may have been but that was just enough juice to quench our thirst. The sandwiches were made of brown bread topped with chopped mixtures. I particularly enjoyed the sardine with onion and the dark red one at the end that was supposed to be tomato but tasted mostly of pickle. A creamy egg mayonnaise mixture features in many of the toppings; I quite like it but there is the chance that you could have it on everything if you don’t choose wisely.

Sandwiches and Juices

It’s not a place to while away the time – most locals don’t even bother sitting down, preferring instead to perch by one of the counters. Many also order a Pfiff (a tiny glass stein of 1/8 of a litre of beer) to drink with their snack.

On our way out, this egg with egg topping made me laugh.

Ei mit Ei!

We only managed this short visit but then how happy was I to discover that a new branch of Trzesniewski had opened at the airport?! It’s in Arrivals and so you’d need to buy your sandwiches before security. We asked to takeaway our sandwiches and the stern lady at the counter (no, not stern, actually very unfriendly) packed our sandwiches into the cutest box with a handy string handle. They made for a delicious light dinner on the airplane.



They were certainly much nicer than the egg sandwich served by our airline. On the takeaway box was their web address and I was amused to see that it’s www.speckmitei.at – I think many people must have trouble spelling its name!

Dorotheergasse 1
1010 Wien

Flughafen Wien Schwechat
Ankunftshalle A

There are other branches – do check out their website.

That brings my Vienna posts to an end – all my photos from this trip can be found in this Flickr photoset. That’s not all from Austria though – I’m heading to Innsbruck next month and I welcome any and all suggestions for the city please.