It’s been years since I returned to eat at Addie’s Thai (I remember it as Addie’s Thai Cafe and I only just noticed the dropping of the Cafe when I looked up its website) in Earl’s Court. I used to live in the area (getting quite a few takeaways from Addie’s) and every time I go back, I’m always surprised to see all the changes in the are, especially regarding new cafes and restaurants. Blai and I found ourselves meeting there one evening and visited the restaurant again for old times sake.

That Wednesday night, the place was packed and we only just managed to get a table for two without a booking. It’s clear that the restaurant remains popular. To start, we got a couple of drinks – both variants based on Thai tea, one with lemon and the other with milk. Both lovely.

Thai Iced Teas

Blai had to have his favourite Pad Thai (£6.95, with pork) which was beautifully presented under a lacy omelette veil. It was very good and had well-balanced flavours though the pork we ordered it with was a bit tough.

Pad Thai with Pork

I didn’t feel like having dishes with rice so I ordered another one dish meal, the Pineapple Fried Rice (£6.95, with chicken). The rice had been fried with a red curry paste and chunks of chicken and fresh pineapple. It was very moreish; I love spicy curried fried rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken

After seeing the Curry Soft Shell Crab (£12.95) on The Skinny Bib, I knew I had to try it! A couple of battered and deep-fried soft shell crabs sat on a pile of stir fried peppers and onions bound together with yellow curried soft scrambled eggs. The curried egg base was savoury and luscious but unfortunately, the crab was flavourless, making it, well, a very expensive egg dish.

Curry Soft Shell Crab

I couldn’t stop there – I needed a vegetable too and so ordered the Morning Glory Stir Fry (£5.95). This was probably the best dish on the table as it was stir fried perfectly and tasted gorgeous with a lovely light smoky wok flavour. Whoever’s on the wok in the kitchen can definitely stir fry very well.

Morning Glory Stir Fry

We somehow still found space for dessert and so split a Pandan pancake with custard filling (£3.50). Unfortunately, this wasn’t very good as it had a strange grainy texture and though sweet, it left an unpleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Pandan Pancake with Custard Filling

Overall, it was great to see that Addie’s is still a good Thai restaurant after all these years. A couple of things may not have worked at our dinner and sure, dessert definitely needs improving, but there was certainly promise there. It’s certainly one to check out if you’re in the area.

Addie’s Thai
121 Earls Court Road
London SW5 9RL

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