Ever been to Wonderful Patisserie in Chinatown? They sell lots of Chinese breads and cakes and snacks (a good variety of South East Asian biscuits usually too) and in their window is a display of their latest cakes on offer. I occasionally take a snap of the better cakes I see and here’s what I have in my collection so far.

Happy Pigs

Yellow Elephants

Monkey Cakes





Dragon Cake

I can’t vouch for the flavour of these cakes as I don’t like the Chinese style cream and fruit sponge cakes you get in most Chinese bakeries. I also don’t know whether Wonderful Patisserie bakes and decorates their own cakes or whether they’re bought in. I do know, however, that whoever’s doing the decorating has some serious talent!

Wonderful Patisserie
45 Gerrard St
London W1D 5QQ