I am absolutely shattered, having given up numerous past weekends and weeknights for a deadline that I just met tonight. My mind is fried (mmm…. fried….) so this is a good opportunity to post something I prepared earlier. Here’s a long overdue look at some of my favourite blog posts around the web recently.

Kitchen Butterfly created beautiful nikuman (that’s the Japanese for steamed pork buns for all of us who don’t speak Japanese) and they look very doable at home!

Michele Humes ate KFC in Thailand. If fast food looked like that here, I’d be eating it pretty often.

Butter dips! Even the name of this treat featured at the kitchn sounds a little unhealthy. They’re an easy biscuit that’s cooked in butter rather than have the butter in the dough.

This is Naive created a beautiful pictorial guide to fast food in Singapore (no, not the fast food above but hawker food). It’s a definite must read guide if you’re heading to Singapore for the first time.

Serious Eats features a recipe for salted butter break-ups by Dorie Greenspan (the cookie queen). I love their simplicity and their uneven shapes please me!

Helen of Food Stories makes scrumptious looking pork cheek tacos with blood orange and chipotle. I’ve gotta make them soon while blood oranges are still in season.

Just Bento wrote a guide to ekiben, those special bentos you only get at Japanese train stations.

Green chile biscuits with chorizo and chipotle gravy? Yes, please! I haven’t made biscuits for ages – need to rectify this.

Anger Burger posts about a DIY Japanese candy sushi kit. The flavour sounds vile but it looks fabulous!

Josh at Cooking the Books made rou jia mo, aka a Chinese hamburger. It’s the one thing I never got a chance to try in China but now I can make it at home.

All Things Chill has a recipe for Taiwanese aubergine in 8 minutes. Quick and easy – I like it.

Lizzie of Hollow Legs made fried pickles. Um, hello? Pickles are fab. Deep fried is fab. I think my head just exploded.

Food Jihad covers an amazing looking Yemeni restaurant in Cairo, long before she had to flee due to the crisis. If you’ve not seen them, her first hand view of what happened in Cairo during the revolution is worth reading.