Another quick granja post while I boo hoo hoo about the weather in London – these grey skies are really starting to get me down. The day of blue skies cheered me up yesterday but there’s nothing like a grey Monday morning to get one down. Ah well, I will think of xocolata to cheer me up.

The very simply named La Granja hadn’t been on our radar at all but I passed it one evening and saw from the Time Out cuttings in the window that it was quite highly rated. And then Blai’s mother brought him one afternoon to that granja and the next thing we knew, my brother and I were brought there too, before a tapas dinner. The granja is quite small but is less known that those on c/Petritxol and so the queues are quite short and manageable. We were seated right at the back, right by their exposed Roman wall, which was quite the highlight of the visit for me. You can just see it in the background of the first photo in this post.

Our Order

I think my brother isn’t as much into hot chocolate as we are and so opted for a cafe amb llet (coffee with milk/cafe con leche). He liked it.

Cafe amb Llet

We with the sweet teeth order Suïssos again, of course. Mini Suïssos, as we had a dinner ahead of us. And no pastries to fill us up either; La Granja does not sell xurros and only has the very Catalan melindros. I think other pastries were also available such as croissants and ensaimadas and there was a list of savoury sandwiches on their menu too. They’ve even got quite the extensive drinks list, from flavoured hot chocolates to cold milkshakes.

A Mini Suis

Look at that mountain of freshly whipped cream!

But how was the xocolata? Well, it was thinner than I’ve ever had before but that didn’t mean it was bad. It was very deeply cocoa-y and by default there was a sprinkling of cinnamon on top of the cream. It was good; I can’t say it was my favourite xocolata in Barcelona but Blai believes it might be his.

La Granja
C/Banys Nous, 4
Barcelona, Spain