Happy New Year 2011, everybody!

We saw in the new year again at Blai’s parents’ place in Barcelona and I’ll eventually get to organising those photos; with my brother visiting the city too, I’ve been re-doing all the touristy sights (which are much more crowded than I remember) and hence taking more photos than usual. On his second day in the city, we visited La Boqueria, Barcelona’s most famous market, and as it happened to be lunchtime too, we lunched at Bar Central, one of the bars that looked quite good and where we could find space! This meal fulfilled a wish I’ve had which was to have a meal at one of the bars at La Boqueria.

Bar Central

Our server saw me whip out my camera and posed with a plate of someone else’s calamari and the planxa!

Don’t just depend on the menu that’s chalked up on the board; it’s much better to take a look at what looks good and what they recommend. We just went with what we felt like and what looked good on the counter and on other people’s plates. After staring at the big platter of Padrón peppers in front of us, we had to have some of our own. Our server very kindly gave us a few fried artichokes too for us to try. Unfortunately, the fried artichokes just weren’t as good as my mother-in-law’s. The pebrots de Padrón though were delicious. We didn’t find any hot ones that day.

Pebrots de Padrón

I spied a big paella of arròs negre too and soon a plateful of it sat in front of us. The black inky rice was full of clams and pieces of squid and was extremely moreish. A little bit of all i oli on the side wouldn’t have hurt though.

Arròs Negre

We definitely had to have some of the exquisitely fresh seafood everyone else was eating. We opted for the selection of fish and shellfish, all cooked on the planxa. This is what arrived!

Graellada de Peix i Marisc

Everything was ridiculously fresh and delicious; all the seafood was drizzled with a garlic and parsley oil. The razor clams were superbly tender, the monkfish wonderfully meaty and the salmon just could be the best cooked salmon I’ve ever had. All the fish and shellfish are also available by themselves.

All highly recommended. With a couple of drinks, the total came to €40 for the both of us; not cheap but it’s certainly very reasonable for the quality of the seafood we ate. To get a seat, you’re just going to have to stand patiently behind the other patrons, waiting for their seats to free up!

Bar Central
La Boqueria
Barcelona, Spain