People of Leicester! You have an absolute gem of a Chinese restaurant on your high street! Taste of China has only just recently opened (three weeks when we went….three weeks ago).

It’s really sort of a Hong Kong style cafe. Check out my luncheon meat and two fried eggs with instant noodles in soup. It was exactly what I needed for that Sunday lunch. Their menu even gives you the option to choose from a variety of toppings and pairing those with one of a selection of noodles.

Two Fried Eggs and Luncheon Meat on Instant Noodles Soup

And this was my brother’s fish fillets with scrambled egg on rice. Yes, it was as comforting as it looks – white fish fillets in a thick, eggy sauce. Add lashings of chili oil and you’re sorted for lunch.

Fish Fillets and Scrambled Egg on Rice

They even have bubble tea! Go go go!

Taste of China
25 High Street

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