It’s been a while since I put together one of these posts – I’m just highlighting interesting blog posts that have shown up in my RSS reader. This one shall be extra long!

I wish I could wake up extra early every morning to make a breakfast like these breakfast noodles from Cherry on a Cake. Blai laughs at the thought of this and believes that I will be zombie-like in the morning forevermore. I believe him.

Taiwanese pork belly rice. Oh yes. The recipe can be found at Food Mayhem.

There’s something extremely comforting about this dish of shredded chicken with rice noodles on 3 hungry tummies. Maybe it’s the slipperiness of the noodles or the thickness of the sauce but whatever it is, I want a bowlful of it right now.

I can’t stop thinking of aixxx‘s menchi katsu sandwich (last photo). That looks very doable at home.

ieatishootipost in Singapore made roti prata (roti canai if you’re Malaysian) at home! With all the impressive flipping and everything!

Karen at Ramblingspoon captured this photo of a group of girls at a noodle stand in Laos. I love it; there’s something rather nice about young children eating spicy foods willingly – they’ve not been coddled by their parents and yes, chillies are not something to fear!

Shayma of The Spice Spoon blogged about a recipe for a Kolkata style kati roll. The combination of flaky flat bread and spiced filling is just amazing. If you can’t be bothered to make your own, the ones at the Kati Roll Company in Soho are pretty good too.

Fish sandwiches, made with grilled mackerel, are popular in Istanbul. EatingAsia features this delicious-looking waterside meal.

Grab Your Fork blogs a chicken liver parfait recipe. I never knew it was so easy – I love this rich offally treat.

If you grew up in North America as I did, you may have spent many a childhood summer eating Fudgsicles, those icy, creamy, chocolatey treats. A recipe for homemade fudgsicles appears on Baking Bites!

Milli of Milli’s Kitchen made a snakey-cakey (a swirled and filled filo pastry cake) based on a recipe by Jamie Oliver. It looks fantastic!

Finally, if you’re looking to eat noodles in London, there’s no better guide than Mr NoodlesGolden Noodle Awards 2009-2010!