I lied! Here’s another travel post – just a quick one on the food on Singapore Airlines again. It was very impressive, even more so than the last time I flew with them (I flew on an A380 this time)! I’m always fascinated by airline meals – my weird collection of inflight meal photos can be found in my Flickr photostream.

On the way there, I got a very decent Indian prawn curry for dinner – there were loads of large, juicy prawns in there. This was the first airline meal (the main course at least, the salad and dessert weren’t great) I’d actually finished! The vegetables Jalfrezi on the side were also excellent as was the basmati rice.

Prawns in Indian Curry

Before landing in Singapore, I chose a breakfast of braised egg noodles with chicken, mushroom and onion. Again, good stuff but I just couldn’t finish it as I was snacking on the chocolate covered raisins and Bombay mix I’d brought along just in case the food sucked (I snacked while watching like eight episodes of Glee – hooray for Singapore Airlines’ entertainment system!). Oh, and I was looking forward to our first meal in Singapore.

Before Touch-Down

On the way back to London, we were served lunch and I chose the “popular Singaporean dish” of char siu rice. The barbecued pork was covered in a thick brown sauce that wasn’t too bad and which helped with the very lean meat. The rice was again excellent, I thought, for airline food too though the accompanying leafy greens… well, they never really survive the process, do they?

Char Siew Rice

Not long after (it did seem awfully early to have been served this), a light meal of those braised egg noodles again but this time with beef, mushrooms and leafy greens (note: I chose the Asian options… there was always a Western option too). Again, those leafy greens weren’t that great. I didn’t expect much of the beef either but the chunks had been braised to flavourful tenderness and alongside, a little cupful of fresh sliced chillies were a perfect match. And for dessert… do you see those Ferrero Rochers?!

A Light Meal

A note also about Singapore’s Changi Airport – the food there is very good, so much better than what Heathrow can conjure. You just have to know where to go for it. Try to get there early and either:

(a) Go to the staff canteen in Terminal 1 (at one end of the terminal. There was a lot of renovation work going on when I was there but it’s still clearly marked) – it’s a whole hawker centre. I had some roti prata with fish curry for breakfast there and then grabbed a whole lot of curry puffs and sardine puffs for the journey as well as some Nonya/Malay kuih and pineapple tarts for home.

Roti Prata with Fish Curry

(b) Or once past security, go to Terminal 3. In T3, there were a number of well known chain restaurants but they all look excellent. I picked up some bak chang from Kim Choo. Even if you’re not going to eat there, I’d still recommend a visit to T3 to see its amazing butterfly garden!