I haven’t put together one of these posts in a while; here are a few of the recipes I’ve bookmarked in my RSS reader lately.

We’ve been eating a lot of walnuts recently and when I saw this post on walnut pesto on Rachel Eats, I knew I’d have to try it one day.

Boots in the Oven cook a Mark Bittman recipe – caramel fish fillets. And it looks so scrumptious on some white rice.

I do occasionally succumb to the filet o fish sandwich at McDonalds… *guilty look*. But Local Lemons made her own version of this rather tasty sandwich: the slow food filet o fish!

I never would have thought of making my own tater tots but Macheesmo did just that: here are his homemade tots!

Lorna at The Cookbook Chronicles made collard greens with a smoked ham hock gravy. I remember the collard greens I tried in New York – I definitely have to make this one day.

So many recipes, so little time! I wish I could show you my list of bookmarks – it’s longer than the Nile!