Once upon a time (ok, last Friday), 16 ladies (or perhaps 16 little piggies) journeyed to St John Restaurant for PigFest, a celebration of absolutely nothing other than a love for all things porky; it was mainly just an excuse to eat their famed roast suckling pig.

The feast started not with pork but with roast bone marrow and crabs with mayonnaise. All very nice but this wasn’t the reason we were here.

Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad


It was all about the pig! And after a very very very long wait, the pig finally came. And the paparazzi descended, scaring the poor waiter.


Roast Suckling Pig

Boiled potatoes and greens were provided to go with the porcine delights: the meat was tender and flavourful, the stuffing within moist and so moreish, but the crackling was only somewhat crackly and crisp. This last was a bit disappointing.

My Plate

More was yet to come. In case we weren’t full enough, two very heavy desserts were set down to fill any empty tummy space. Eccles cakes with Lancashire cheese and spotted dick with custard; the former was too large and bit burnt but it was the latter that was the best pudding this little piggy had ever had.

Eccles Cakes and Lancashire Cheese

Spotted Dick

And just in case even that wasn’t enough, a plateful of madeleines hot from the oven was placed on the table.


Thank you, meemalee, for organising (via Twitter) this event! She’s written an excellent post on the unexpected service failures we encountered which I’ve only touched upon here. Due to the lengthy delay between courses, at least 3 participants had to rush off to catch their trains, missing dessert in the process. Not good.

Twitter ladies in attendance (in alphabetical order): alexthepink, BribedwithFood, eatlikeagirl, everythingbut, GreedyDiva, KaveyF, LibbyEAndrews, MathildesCuisine, meemalee, R_McCormack, rudehealth, ruduss, sulineats (that’s me!).

All my photos can be seen in this Flickr photoset.

St John Restaurant
26 St John Street
London EC1M 4AY

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