It’s hard to believe that this meal took place over a week ago. We’re now back from our honeymoon in Rome and despite the bad weather on the first two days, the trip was fantastic. I can’t wait to go back to Italy!

But before our flight out of Heathrow Terminal 5 (my first time flying out from that terminal), we had an early lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s first foray into airport feeding – Plane Food. We got a table for two located as near to the planes as possible. Looking around, it looked like most customers were of the single businessman type though I did see one large French family there for a late breakfast. We decided on two courses each, skipping the starter.

Blai had the Roasted cod, polenta chips, peas and spicy ketchup (£12.50). The cod was moist with crisp skin and the peas were slightly mushy, not exactly what I was expecting but I was told they tasted nice. We both loved the polenta chips – crispy outsides, soft insides and perfect with the chunky tomato chutney on the side (pah, not really ketchup).

Roasted Cod, Polenta Chips, Peas

Spicy Ketchup

I too had something fishy with the Smoked salmon and haddock fishcakes with harissa mayonnaise (£11.50). I first saw these on Londonelicious but never thought I’d order the same thing but of all the main courses listed, this one was the most appealing at the time. The fishcakes were full of flaky fish and excellent. The harissa mayonnaise could have used more of a kick – I couldn’t taste much harissa.

Smoked Salmon and Haddock Fishcakes with Harissa Mayonnaise

We couldn’t skip dessert of course! I had the Pear tart Tatin with vanilla ice cream (£5.50) while Blai chose the Mandarin cheesecake with chocolate ice cream (£5.50). My tart Tatin was quite nice and very large but unfortunately, only lukewarm. Blai’s cheesecake was wonderfully light and fruity. Overall, the food was excellent for airport food (an environment I’m sure is not short of restrictions).

Pear Tart Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream

Mandarin Cheesecake with Chocolate Ice Cream

Service was a bit slow though for a restaurant at an airport; when everyone’s got a plane to catch, it’s unacceptable that one has to ask twice for the bill. That bill was reasonable but I thought the £1.50 cover charge was a little unreasonable. Is that really necessary? Anyway, apart from that, we were enjoying ourselves so much that we had to run to our gate to board our plane and then we were on our way to Rome…

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food
Terminal 5 (after security)
London Heathrow Airport

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