I’ve barely had a chance to sit down at my computer and compose a post this week due to some craziness at work. In lieu of a proper post, here’s another long overdue list of my faves from the food blogs recently.

The Homesick Texan provides a recipe for bacon jam. I’ll let that sink in: bacon……..jam.

It’s aubergine season and I’ve been bookmarking loads of recipes for these gorgeous silky vegetables. mmm-yoso!!! have recreated a spicy steamed eggplant dish with sizzling soy sauce they had at a restaurant. And it looks good!

From Lekker lekker lekkerste, there’s a recipe for spaghetti with butter crab sauce. This fusion dish is based on Malaysian butter crab; the ingredient list is simple but it sounds totally scrumptious.

I want to eat at Spring the next time I’m in Paris! I know the lobster sandwich isn’t available all year round but something tells me that the menu is always good here.

This rainbow of quickie pickles at Kitchen Scraps is pretty inspiring. As a big pickle fan, they’re like jars of jewels to me.