Oh, this year’s Korean Food Festival was a disappointment! Not only was it drizzling when I arrived at around noon but there were only three stands.

Two Stands

A Stand

Three?! What a let down after the two previous years! Could this be the effect of the credit crunch or as Jonny suggested here, a result of the dismal weather forecast? Oh well, my brother and I made the most of it and had some spicy fried chicken (quite good) and beef kalbi (mediocre) with rice.

Spicy Fried Chicken

Beef Kalbi

If you did make the journey out for the festival, I hope you did use the opportunity to explore the Korean restaurants and shops in the area. I found some lovely takeaway food for dinner that night: some little pajeon (Korean pancakes) and kimbap.

Luckily, one big thing made the trip worthwhile for me – I finally made it to Hyun’s Bakery while it was open! Whenever I’d visited New Malden in the past, I’d always try to visit and find it shut. Finally, the door was open!

As I’m a sucker for savoury Asian-style pastries, I had to have this fried sausage doughnut on a stick. This was similar to the hot dog bun you usually find but involved a proper pork sausage and a dusting of panko crumbs, all deep fried. Oh, and it was on a stick – a winner right there! (Notice that I forgot to take a photo until after I’d attacked it.)

Sausage Doughnut on a Stick!

My other selections were (clockwise from the top right) a fried vegetable doughnut, a mochi doughnut filled with red bean paste and a Castella cake.

An Assortment of Buns

The vegetable doughnut was alright, with a filling reminiscent of a vegetable korokke. The mochi doughnut was delicious and chewy and was generously filled with a chunky, and I suspect homemade, red bean paste. I loved the Castella cake – soft and plain sponge cake but still very moreish.

Mochi Doughnut

And all four items only came to Β£3.10! (There’s a little Japanese shop near me that stocks some buns from Hyun’s but they charge twice as much as the original bakery!)

Hyun’s Bakery
94 Burlington Road
New Malden KT3 4NT