One evening, we thought we’d head for some Malaysian food – there was one place my parents had passed often but never tried and my father just hadn’t got around to eating there at all. I had no idea what to expect but Jonker Street turned out to be a small, recently refurbished place at the base of a modern apartment block.

We’re big fans of roti canai ($3.50) so we had an order to share. While the serving size looked a bit mean, the roti itself was very flaky and delicious.

Roti Canai

When my brother sees it on the menu, he has to have Hainanese chicken rice ($10.50). What arrived was this Hainanese chicken breast served with delicious rice. As is usual with chicken breast, it tends to get a bit dry (let’s hear it for dark meat!) but at least the flavour is good. I suppose the health conscious Vancouverites might prefer white meat.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I chose the Nasi Jambori ($14.90). This was a mixed rice dish offering a sample of their popular dishes. Alongside white and red rice cooked in coconut milk, there was a mild coconutty chicken curry, a tender beef rendang, and sambal prawns. Unfortunately, while everything was ok, nothing really stood out. The chicken curry had chunks of chicken breast (boring!), the rendang was strangely sweet and the sambal wasn’t spicy at all. Are they catering to those who would rather have Malaysian-Canadian flavours?

Nasi Jambori

Our final dish, chosen by my father, was a mee goreng ($10.50). This was the best dish of the day. There were many big prawns and chunks of tofu scattered throughout this deeply savoury fried noodle dish, whose flavours were brought out even more with a good squeeze of lime.

Mee Goreng

I wish Jonker Street wasn’t so dependent on chicken breast – I’ve realised that I’ve focused a lot on that point in this post. I do wish I had another chance to try this place again on this trip though…I hear the laksa is quite good.

Jonker Street
1128 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2X7

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