Cake Closeup

OK, so I didn’t bake this cake for the occasion but instead took this back in February when I baked this chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday. But this is also a birthday – my blog’s birthday! I can’t believe it’s been two years already. I thought this might be a good occasion to feature a few posts from the past that have proved very popular as well as a few of those for which I have a soft spot.

Top Posts

  1. Budae Jjigae = Army Stew – This Korean stew with Spam and hot dogs and ramen has proved to be the most popular post on the blog!
  2. Pork with Basil and Chili – This recipe is straight from a cooking school I attended in Chiang Mai. This is a perfect one dish meal when served on rice.
  3. Byron’s Burgers – I visited the first Byron’s burger restaurant in Kensington soon after it opened.
  4. Loco Moco – again, a slightly trashy combo of white rice, hamburger, fried egg and gravy has set everyone’s tastebuds tingling!
  5. Banana Leaf Rice at Samy’s Curry, Singapore – One of my favourite things to eat in Malaysia and Singapore is banana leaf rice and I even went on a search for a dal recipe that matched what I ate there.
  6. New Orleans Style Barbecued Prawns – A recipe for grilled prawns (in the oven) that’s great for a starter.
  7. A Tribute to my Mother – This post, written about six months after my mother passed away, received many responses. I featured a recipe for lemon squares that I used to bake with my mother when I was a teenager.
  8. If I Had to Choose One Fruit… – That would be the mangosteen! I adore its luscious sweet-tangy flesh.
  9. Kimbap-ba-doo-wap! – This post features one of my most popular photos on Flickr. Who can resist a maki sushi-like roll filled with lots of goodies?
  10. Tomato and Egg, Chinese Style – This classic Chinese dish requires only a few ingredients and is very budget friendly!

I Like These!

This isn’t an exhaustive list – it’s hard to choose favourites amongst one’s blog posts!

  1. Red-Cooked Belly Pork – Here’s a classic Hunan pork belly preparation and it’s the first recipe I ever posted on the blog!
  2. Bánh Mi for Me – Shame I can’t get the right kind of light baguette for these Vietnamese sandwiches. Still, the flavours are all there!
  3. An Indian Fakeaway – I ran with the idea of a “fakeaway” when I first heard the word coined on a BBC article written when the recession was starting to affect many people’s lives and their everyday eating.
  4. Llet Merengada -I’ve never seen this milky concoction outside Spain… I could use some of it in this heat!
  5. Sprattus Sprattus – I have good memories of that time I fried up so many tasty little sprats, thus stinking up our flat for a good three days!

I’ll be updating my About page soon too so keep watch over that! A big thank you to everyone who’s dropped by! I love reading your comments and emails and do drop a line to say hi if you haven’t before! And once again, I hope to meet (or “meet” online) more of you in the future!