I was craving potato wedges one night when Blai wasn’t around and so gorged on a pile full of homemade ones (recipe here but minus the paprika). However, instead of reaching for my usual chilli sauce, I first remembered that I had some wild garlic left in my fridge and thought of making some kind of condiment from it.

Potato Wedges with Wild Garlic Oil

I grabbed a handful of the leaves and whizzed them up with some olive oil and this gently garlicky result was drizzled over the roasted potato wedges. Garlic goodness! I imagine this would be lovely drizzled over any potato product or warm bread (like dough balls!) or even risotto.

However, if you’re unable to find wild garlic (I’m a little late on this post and I wonder if the season has finished), a picada is just as good! I whipped up this garlic and parsley oil from instructions from Blai, who said that he used to eat it as a child. This basic Catalan sauce usually has nuts and bread incorporated as well and is added to dishes while they’re cooking but this version can be eaten by itself, on top of various foods. We had it on grilled octopus (the picada was a success but the octopus was way too tough) and dipped our bread into it and Blai says it’s good on fried mushrooms too.

Of course, you might want some mints after this meal…

Wild Garlic Oil
Take about five wild garlic leaves, wash and dry them well. Tear them up into a mini chopper or a blender and top with about 1/4-1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Pulse until blended – little pieces of the wild garlic still make it attractive though!

In mortar and pestle, pound one clove of garlic and then scrape that into a bowl. Add 1/4-1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil and a good handful of chopped parsley (chop it quite finely). Stir to combine.