This is fast food that I love.

Salad Stacked Sandwich

From the photo above, I think you will agree that I’m well-versed in the art that is salad stacking. Ordering a falafel sandwich (this is actually a small falafel and fried aubergine sandwich) at Maoz entitles you to a go at the well stocked salad bar. My favourites are the carrots, pickle slices, the chili sauces and most of all, the deep fried cauliflower. OK, so perhaps this is no longer a “healthy” sandwich.


And their chips (well, listed on the menu as Belgian fries)! There’s a giant pile of what I suspect are half-cooked chipped potatoes sitting above their deep fryer and when you place an order, a portion goes into the hot oil. What comes out are wonderfully thick, soft-inside and perfectly-crisp-outside chips.


While vegetarian, it’s not exactly health food but I love it. I do feel ever so slightly silly posting about it but I really like eating here – it’s fast food (kind of) and I don’t feel guilty eating here since it’s vegetarian (I really ought to rethink that). Definitely affordable too – it’s difficult to spend over £7 a head here.

What are your cheap eats that skirt the line between fast food and well…non-fast food?

Maoz Vegetarian
43 Old Compton Street
London W1D 6HG

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