Scrambled eggs aren’t just for breakfast! I only discovered this when Blai suggested a revuelto, a Spanish scrambled egg dish, for dinner not long after we’d moved into our current flat. We had not much in the cupboards at the time and I think I stepped out to buy eggs and spinach and bread. I softened the spinach in a hot pan and then stirred through some beaten egg come up with a simple dinner that only required that bread on the side.

I found myself alone again one night and needed something quick for dinner, having come home late from work and hungry. I’d found some young garlic (each was a small tender bulb attached to a long tender stem) at my local Middle Eastern shop a few days before and had to use them up so that went into my revueltos. Other ingredients would be lovely too – the aforementionned spinach, or chorizo, potatoes, ham, anything really. Along with some sauteed courgettes on the side, I had dinner on my plate in about 15 minutes.

Revueltos with Young Garlic

Revuelto with Young Garlic

Chop a few shoots of young garlic (include the young head and peel the tough outer layers beforehand) and soften them in some butter or olive oil over a low heat. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Break three eggs into a bowl and beat them a little just to break up the yolks with the whites. Pour them into the pan with the now soft garlic and immediately start stirring and lifting the cooked parts onto the uncooked. A silicone spatula is perfect for this task; it’s all just flip flip flip. Don’t let the eggs brown – you want them soft and still creamy. Any residual heat will continue to cook the eggs. Plate and serve.

After enjoying my plateful, I came across this great article by Amanda Hesser on the joys of revueltos in Spain. I’ll have to keep eggs in the flat at all times now!