I love Indian food – more specifically, I love South Indian food as this was what was mostly available in Malaysia and Singapore and hence what I grew up with. Yes, I ate my fair share of Indian food, Malay food, Nyonya food, Chinese food and Western food too. It was quite a multicultural upbringing I had.

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, I met Blai in Hammersmith and I dragged him down King Street to Sagar as I was craving some Indian food. I wanted crispy things and snacky things and savoury things, all of which Sagar do in abundance. We’d been before for dinner when we ordered their thalis but I’d always wanted to go back for the rest of their menu. From that menu, we had:

An aloo papadi chaat, a snack of chopped boiled potatoes, crunchy pieces of gram flour cracker, chutneys and yogurt – I was shovelling this down as it was mighty delicious and all the flavours just melded well together. Oh, and I’m a sucker for anything crunchy and savoury.

Aloo Papadi Chaat

A Mysore masala dosa, a dosa spread with a spicy chili chutney on the inside and filled with spiced potatoes – so good! It was served with a fresh coconut chutney and a sambar, a tamarind and dal and vegetable soupy stew that’s usually served with dosas and rice. Sagar’s sambar was one of the best I’ve had; it was extremely flavourful and not too sour nor too thin.

Mysore Masala Dosa

A coconut uthappam, a thick dosa like a pancake, again served with chutney and sambar. Again, this went very well with the sambar – I want to try their other uthappams next time.

Coconut Utthapam

And for dessert, an order of rasmalai shared between us. It was creamy and fresh cheesy and so good – I don’t normally like milky sweets but this I love.


Alongside a couple of drinks, the total was about Β£20 for the two of us. With the quality of the food and the prices, I can see why this place is almost always packed! I’ll be back when another craving hits.

157 King Street
London W6 9JT

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