After we met a deadline last week, I and two friends decided to treat ourselves with a nice long lunch and headed to Casa Brindisa, the newest restaurant of the Spanish Brindisa chain, open only for about 3 months. While their tapas were a bit too expensive for a weekday lunch, we had seen the advertisement of an affordable set lunch, similar to the menu del dia in Spain, and this is what we had. The set lunch menu has three choices for starters, three for mains, and two desserts. Between the three of us, we tried almost everything that day.

I started with the Escalibada with anchovies. This dish was served cold but it was quite flavourful. There was a hint of smokiness to the aubergines, the peppers were silky and slippery, and the onions were rich and soft. A couple slices of roasted garlic were interspersed with the other vegetables and were a tasty punch alongside the anchovies.

Escalibada with Anchovies

Here’s the Fish and rice soup with clams. I had a small taste and it had quite a deep, fish stock flavour and I think I could have made a meal of just that and bread. My friend gave it quite a high accolade, deeming it to be as good as her mother’s fish soup.

Fish and Rice Soup with Clams

And this was the Beetroot and blue cheese salad. Not too sure what kind of cheese this was but there was a lot of it for a salad! The only blue cheese listed on their a la carte menu is Picos de Europa so perhaps this was it.

Beetroot and Blue Cheese Salad

My second dish was the Pork chop with broccoli. Nothing terribly fancy here: it’s a well cooked pork chop served with some steamed broccoli tossed with some garlic oil and sprinkled with pimenton.

Pork Chop with Broccoli

And here’s the Grilled tuna with vegetables and rocket. I didn’t have a taste but my friend was very happy with it! Looking at the photo now though, I wonder what happened to the rocket.

Grilled Tuna with Vegetables

The final main course option was Scramble [sic] eggs with potatoes and spinach – sorry, no photo as no one had that!

Again, between us, we tried both the dessert options. Here’s my flan (Cream caramel on the menu). I chose this from the waiter’s recommendation; he said he liked it and that it was made in-house. While tasty, I thought it could be a bit lighter as this one was very heavy on the egg. However, I know that Blai likes his quite eggy!


And here’s a friend’s Yogurt mousse with blood orange dices. This was absolutely gorgeous – a thick yet light and tart yogurt whipped to a mousse (was whipped cream mixed in?) and topped with small pieces of fresh blood orange.

Yogurt Mousse with Blood Orange

The room we ate in is light and airy and the restaurant itself is quite big, taking up two shopfronts and even having a small shop in the basement. There’s even a small discount at the shop if you present a receipt for the restaurant on the ground floor. Service was lovely and they didn’t bat an eyelid when we requested tap water. In fact, they brought along a whole bottleful of it and did well topping it up everytime it was low. There was no pressure whatsoever to buy a drink and so our lunch remained at the advertised £12.50 for three courses. It’s a little pricey for everyday lunching but once in a while, when I feel like I deserve a treat, I’ll be there!

Casa Brindisa
7-9 Exhibition Road
London SW7 2HQ

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An aside: You’ve all probably heard of the snow we got in London! Boy, was it fun – and here are all my photos from yesterday.