I’ve been eating at many of my local restaurants recently. One Thursday night not long ago, Blai and I headed to Kalinka, a Turkish grill restaurant in Acton. I’m glad to have a nice Turkish place nearby, especially after reading about all the great places in the east.

I wanted to share this mixed grill we split between us.

Mixed Grill with Rice

Scattered around that mound of garlicky rice were lamb ribs, lamb chops, a quail, chicken kebab, lamb kebab, minced lamb kebab, and chicken wings, and all those meats were charcoal grilled – mmm! And that big green chili was also grilled and provided a lovely heat. Boy did we gnaw away at all those chargrilled meats…the marinade on the chicken especially was gorgeous!

This mixed grill also came with a mixed salad plate and garlic and chili sauces. The bread that comes to your table is homemade and grilled and buttered and with the bill are a couple of pieces of Turkish Delight. It’s awful nice having a friendly local serving tasty food.

Kalinka Restaurant
136-138 Churchfield Road
Acton, London
W3 6BS