Perhaps this recipe from Not Eating Out in NY will finally chase the fear of beetroot out of me. Ugh, overly sweet, blood red root! Also from NEONY is this post on instant ramen, that has me kicking myself – why didn’t I write about that?! Instant noodles don’t have to be overly salty and bad for you; they can be tasty and somewhat nutritious!

White on Rice Couple have got a recipe for making little canape sized banh mi bites. They look so cute for a party – maybe with some summer rolls on the side?

At the beet goes on, Vanessa writes about the Catalan home cooking she was fed in Catalunya. It all looks so delicious.

I can’t stop looking at this post at notes by naive and think, I want a bowl of cream…

And I’ve recently discovered this great blog – dinner with Julie. She’s blogging from Calgary about what she eats for dinner everyday. Very motivational stuff.