Bienmesabe translates literally to “it tastes good to me” and is a name given to a number of desserts in the Spanish speaking world. However, the one I want to share with you is this spread from the Canary Islands:


Blai knows me so well! On a not-so-recent trip to the islands (sorry, this draft has been sitting in my folder for a while!), he had a taste of it, eating it on cereal at breakfast time, and knew that I’d love trying this particular treat and so brought a jar back to London. Check out its ingredients:

Bienmesabe Ingredients

Have you ever seen a spread that was made with sponge cake? Well, there were almonds and lemon involved too but what an interesting ingredient to thicken it all. It was tasty stuff and though I’m not a cereal fan, I found it lovely on bread. It was thick (I guess it’s the cake) and lemony and had lots of bits of almond and was also terrific on ice cream!


Bienmesabe and Ice Cream

According to this description from a Spanish tourist website, bienmesabe dates back to the conquest of the Canary Islands – that’s the 15th century according to Wikipedia. If you’re keen on trying it, here’s another another short description with a recipe. Good luck if you do try!