Last Wednesday, a dozen or so food bloggers gathered at The Kitchen in Parsons Green, gathered together by Niamh for a TrustedPlaces event. There was me and Lizzie, Josh, Chris, Helen, Melanie, Bron, Alex and others with whom I didn’t have a chance to interact (sorry! you were on the other side of the room!). The shop is co-owned by Natalie Richmond and Michelin-starred chef Thierry Laborde, who comes up with the various dishes on offer.

Preparing Food

The idea is this: you order your meals online, go in store, and assemble the meals that you ordered. You take them home in sealed cardboard contained, similar to a ready meal, but a ready meal where the ingredients are top quality and you control the salt content. Most of the ingredients are already prepped (sauces, chopped vegetables, cuts of meat and fish, etc) and all that’s required of you is to put together your meal with a set of printed instructions as a guide. There are lots of people around to give you a hand should you get stuck and best of all, all the tidying and cleaning up is done for you.

Veal Escalope Ingredients

I opted to make two dinners for two people and put together a fisherman’s pie and veal escalope saltimbocca with green beans. For the pie, pea puree, cooked fish and mussels, cooked leeks, bechamel, mashed potatoes, and gruyere cheese were layered in a container. The escalopes required assembling, folding each escalope with parma ham, sage, and mozzarella cheese. They were laid in the container alongside a bag of chopped shallots, fresh green beans, and lemon wedges.

Fisherman's Pie, Packed

Veal Escalope Saltimbocca

These made for two very quick and easy weekday dinners. The fisherman’s pie needed nothing more than a 25 minute spell in the oven but the escalopes needed a little more work. The green beans needed parboiling and the escalopes required frying before plating and then the shallots needed a quick fry before being tossed with the green beans and lemon juice. It was a little more work but only about 15 minutes worth.

Fishermans Pie

Veal Escalope Saltimbocca and Green Beans

I can definitely see the appeal as the session was social and fun and the food itself is delicious. However, as I do enjoy cooking by myself, I don’t see myself preparing my meals for the week there but I totally understand those who do. Personally, I could see myself putting together meals for many people at The Kitchen, something my tiny kitchen couldn’t handle.

The Kitchen
Parsons Green
275 New Kings Road
London SW6 4RD