I am well impressed by this delectable looking fried chicken dinner over at A Taste of Home Cooking! While I’m not keen on having my flat smelling of fried chicken for a week, I’ll admire it from a distance.

A char siu recipe straight from the hawker himself! – procured by ieatishootipost. Not so keen on the food colouring though.

The bruschetta di pomodori gratinati over at the Wednesday Chef look amazing – and though there’s no recipe, the method of eating those grilled tomatoes is novel to me and I want to try something similar.

This spicy sardine sandwich over at Salt and Turmeric is similar to something I ate growing up. The filling would also be good with fried onions and then encased in pastry, like a sardine puff.

Are you Asian? If so, then you probably have a rice cooker; I know I do! The NYT has a useful article on cooking meals in a rice cooker.