How ironic that what I love and blog about has bitten back and made me ill this past weekend. Yes, I had a touch of food poisoning and gosh, it did make me quite miserable. I couldn’t stomach most foods but what did go down a treat is the traditional Chinese food for the ill – rice porridge. I’m quite fond of fish porridge when I’m ill but I had no fish in the house and the thought of going to the supermarket didn’t appeal. What I did have in the fridge was Chinese sausage and that would have to do.

Rather Plain Food

I sliced one sausage into small pieces and dry fried them in a hot saucepan. When some of the oil had rendered out, I tossed in some washed rice and stirred it around a bit. Lots of water then went in and then the whole thing was left to simmer for about an hour. Top up with more water during the simmering process if it goes a bit dry – how soupy you want it is up to you; it’s an entirely subjective thing. I had some grated ginger in my freezer and tossed in a chunk halfway through, ginger being good for settling the stomach. Serve with white pepper and soy sauce to taste. I ate it with some bamboo shoot pickles with chili, just because I really wanted them! And you know what, this meal did help my stomach!

Now for a bit of an update about some of the shops in Oriental City. The Oriental City supermarket is now located on Queensway in Bayswater. I visited last week and most of its products are there but I believe there is a reduced frozen foods section and there are definitely no fresh meats or fish.

Details of the Japanese bakery and the Korean food stall can be found at the Randomness Guide to London. I have just learned from that site that the satay stall has also relocated.

No news yet about any of the other stalls from the food court. Have you heard anything?