I’m hoping to make some pie dough to keep in the freezer for moments when I want some homemade pop tarts. Thanks to Pim for posting the recipe!

Lately I’ve been thinking of noodle soups, the kind with a dark, rich broth and soft meat simmered for hours. And then I come across these two recipes: a lamb noodle soup experiment and another for cinnamon beef noodles.

On the opposite side of the noodle spectrum must be crispy noodles. I’d always thought cooking them involved massive amounts of oil and possibly 2nd degree burns but Wandering Chopsticks shows that it’s quite simple!

It has to be due to the chilly weather that I’m thinking of warm soups and stews. Reading about this chili cookoff over at NEOINY has me craving some homemade chili.

That trip to New York is coming up fast and I’m getting very excited! We’re planning on grazing along the streets of Chinatown.