How about a lovely Thai-style salad to go with the pork with basil and chili? I made the mango salad from Orangette, not to go with the pork (though that would have worked nicely) but with a store-bought fish cake and some leftover takikomi gohan, Japanese mixed rice.

Fish Cake, Mango Salad and Rice

The salad is similar to one that my mother taught me to make. I kept the addition of macadamia nuts in Molly’s recipe (peanuts could be substituted; I just happened to have a bag of macadamias in the flat) but added chopped fresh coriander, an ingredient that was in my mother’s original recipe. Don’t use your expensive, sweet Alphonsos for this salad! You know those rock hard green and red specimens that can be found at most supermarkets and sell for half the price at Middle Eastern shops? Those are the ones that’ll work for this. Now if only the weather would warm up again so that we want to eat salads…

Mango Salad

If you’re free this weekend, the London Mela is taking place this Sunday in Gunnersbury Park. I visited last year and recommend it to everybody! There’s plenty of Indian music and food and many various stalls and a funfair and the best part is that entry is totally free. I would be going this year if not for the fact that I’m not going to be in town!