We had a friend over for dinner last week and what a perfect excuse to put that dulce de leche to use, no? Since it was on a weekday, I resorted to making a one large dish instead of a starter and a main and then followed that with banoffee tarts. How can one go wrong with bananas and toffee and cream? Again, I took a shortcut in the form of ready made tart shells but I’ll have you know the cream was hand whipped! They went down pretty well though I think I overdid it a little with the cream!

Banoffee Tarts

Now I have two more tins of caramelised condensed milk… and one friend who says that I’ve so far offered him a tin every time I’ve seen him since I made them. Huh – my memory’s going, I think. Anyway, he keeps refusing – why does it scare people? It’s delicious!

Banoffee Tarts

4 individual tart shells
1/2 tin dulce de leche, (my tin was 397g)
1 large, ripe banana (can be increased to 2)
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 tbsp icing sugar

Whip the whipping cream with the icing sugar until your liking. Divide the dulce the leche between the tart shells and spread on the bases. Slice the banana(s) thinly and divide among the tart shells, arranging them in an even layer. Top each tart with the whipped cream.

The original banoffee recipe also includes a bit of freeze dried coffee granules in with the whipping cream. You can add it, of course.