My brother and I were wandering around the downtown Vancouver area thinking about dinner but not wanting anymore Asian food. After wandering around for a bit (and passing many an Asian restaurant), we recalled a couple of burger joints on Denman near the beach at English Bay. We chose Fatburger over Vera’s Burger Shack. Orders are placed at the counter and your food is brought to your booth.

I had the Fatburger (a 1/3 lb burger) while my brother had the Kingburger (1/2 lb of beef!). These were fully dressed and were moist and very more-ish.

A Fatburger

The onion rings were excellent! The rings were coated in a breadcrumb mixture that made them seem less oily than their battered brothers. And of course, proper onion slices, not those fake reformed rings of chopped onion.

Onion Rings

The fries too were good – crisp with no hint of sogginess.

Thin Fries

Would I return? You bet! This is fast food I can get used to! (And I want to try their chili dog next.)

1101 Denman St.
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2M7

There are other locations around Canada and the United States.