Perhaps surprisingly, excellent Vietnamese/Cambodian food can found in Vancouver’s Chinatown at Phnom Penh. It’s even Anthony Bourdain approved, as the signed menu on display attests. As for me, well, I’ve eaten there once already and I hope to make another visit before I leave. For our first visit last week, we chose a number of their “greatest hits”, their most famous dishes.

First up, garlic fried chicken wings – I think they’re dusted with cornstarch before frying and they’re so juicy and crispy on the outside. But what really sets these wings apart is the dipping sauce on the side. It’s mainly lime juice and black pepper and that spicy zing goes so well with fried foods.

Garlic Fried Chicken Wings

We had to have our usual order of their delicious Trieu Chau fried rice. I have no idea what they put in there in terms of seasonings but it’s great. Oh, and the addition of lots of tasty Chinese sausage doesn’t hurt as well.

Trieu Chau Fried Rice

Some marinated butter beef? Sure, why not?! This is again one of their signature dishes of rare beef (almost a carpaccio) layered with butter and a delicious sauce of I don’t know what and fried garlic and cilantro on top.

Marinated Butter Beef

I also tried their dry egg noodles, with soup on the side. There was minced pork, pork slices, kidney slices, liver slices, fried garlic, cilantro, and their special sauces (that’s what their menu says!). This wasn’t my favourite on the table but it was still good.

Dry Egg Noodles

I couldn’t leave there without trying one of their many desserts. As I hadn’t had a flan in a while, I ordered their version of it – the caramel custard. It had a lovely flavour and I gobbled it up pretty quickly (and by myself too as no one else at the table liked sweets).

Caramel Custard

If you’re in the area, and not looking for Chinese food, I highly recommend this place! It does get very busy as it’s not a very large restaurant but it does take bookings for groups larger than four.

Phnom Penh
244 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BC

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